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Anonymous said...

What a fantastic opportunity to put Ridgeland on the map. The building is State -of- the-Art using technology and environmentally progressive techniques that have not been invested into significantly anywhere in the metro area.
We should use this as a flagship for building standards in our State.
Well done Renaissance. You have my positive vote!

Anonymous said...

The 17 story building and the excellent tenants are a tremendous addition to the Ridgeland community.Mississippi needs to strongly support such progressive
projects. You have my enthusiastic endorsement.
David L. Smith M.D.
113 Park Lane
Ridgeland Ms.

Anonymous said...


Greg said...

Since this blog is evidently being run by a member of Butler Snow, I have a question for you. Butler Snow recently published a statement indicating that if this building is not approved, they will have to give their move to Ridgeland further consideration. The statement then further indicates that Butler Snow was involved in the design and approval of the final plans for 200 Renaissance.

My question: Of which building was Butler Snow involved in the design and approval? The original 8 story building or the 17 story building? Please answer that question for me. Thanks so much.

Nils Mungan, MD said...

As a Dinsmor resident, I am writing to voice my strong support for the proposed Butler Snow building. I work at UMC as an ophthalmologist and have no personal or financial ties to the building, its tenants or builders whatsoever. I just think it is a very good thing for Ridgeland in general and for Dinsmor in particular.

Any other municipality would bend over backwards to attract such a building to their zipcode! We shouldn't let fear of progress or fear of large corporations cloud our judgment. I'm sure you have heard all the arguments in favor: It will add $60 million to the property tax base . The building will be filled with hundreds of well-paid professionals, many of whom will choose to live nearby (driving up our property values) and shop nearby (increasing our sales tax revenue). The amount of revenue it generates will vastly surpass any increased costs in terms of roads and other city services. The traffic access is well thought out, and the building is immediately adjacent to the busy highway and really not in anyone's "face." People are worried it will lead to a precedent? I hope it does, to a precedent of filling all of Highland Colony up with high quality businesses that employ highly skilled workers! I have lived in Dinsmor for years and waited and waited to see Highland Colony develop. Now it's finally taking off. Make no mistake -- it could just as easily have become a white elephant...

It seems like all of the politicians have been afraid to publicly express any leanings at all for or against the proposed variance. I think it would truly be a shame if the politicians were intimidated by a small but vocal opposition to the building. The rest of us will remember who voted on the side of hope, and who voted on the side of fear.

It's now or never. Let's send a strong signal that Ridgeland is open for business!

Nils Mungan, M.D.

210 Valley Rd (Dinsmor Subdivision)

Ridgeland, MS

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic opportunity for the city of Ridgeland and for Madison county. I strongly urge Mayor Magee and others to support this project. This is positive change -- do not be afraid!

Anonymous said...

This ia a great opportunity for the city of Ridgeland. Flowood is growing as well as Madison. Why should Ridgeland be left out or limited in her opportunity for growth as well? This along with the Harbor Walk project is promising. Let's go with this!
John H. Turnipseed Jr.
701 Hope Farm Dr.
Ridgeland, MS

Billy B. said...

I work in Ridgeland and my child goes to St Andrews. I can't think of a better thing for the Ridgeland-Parkway area.

Billy B.

Anonymous said...

How does a city spell success- with beautiful buildings such as this and well established and respected tenants wanting to join their assets with yours! JBH

Anonymous said...

As a business owner in Ridgeland and a homeowner in Madison, I can't tell you how excited I was about the jobs, opportunities and the business the new Renaissance will bring to the city of Ridgeland. I completely support it. I strongly encourage Mayor McGee to approve this building. The economic impact it would have for this city is astronomical.

Anonymous said...

I am opposed to the building of this gigantic building in my town with a 4 story maximum build hieght. This buildin is too big for the area. The city of Ridgeland does not need to be defined by "the town with that big building". The building will be the first thing anyone sees of the town and what most will remember. This is not how I wish for people to remember us. I also do not believe that anyone but the tax payers and land ownwers of the city of Ridgeland should be allowed to vote or have a voice in the matter. I live in Old Agency Village, a subdivision very colse to this building site, I do not wish to have to look at this building from my back yard. The proposed building does not fit the architecture of the building that are around it and does not fit into the master plan of the city of Ridgeland. i guess i will not see this published since this site is just for people that are for the buildng. I know taht there are hundreds that are against this building and there is not a single one against posted on this site. This site is a travesty to how a poll should be done.

Anonymous said...

No offense, but the post above this one made me LOL!

Anonymous said...

To the poster above, how about actually look at the site before making such a comment? There's a whole section for those opposed to the building. Wow! Another knee-jerk reaction without doing any research or logical thought. Do I see a pattern here?

Mark said...

When one considers the lot of vocal opponents to the 13-story building, there seems to be a severe disproportionate number of attorneys, and attorney spouses leading the cause. One might wonder whether the motives are totally altruistic. No matter, they have been extremely successful in stirring the 15 to 25% of the population who oppose the construction to a high froth.

By far, the more difficult task is to rouse action from the 75 – 85% who either 1) are laissez-faire or 2) actually support of the project because they can calculate the tremendous net advantage, particularly economic, to Ridgeland. Because many in these latter categories respect their concerned friends and neighbors, civility and peer pressure keep them on the sidelines.

It’s time to be heard! Our elected officials stand ready to kowtow to the extreme pressure of the minority viewpoint.

The vociferous Chicken Little opinions of the minority are about to overwhelm the quite, levelheaded thinking of the vast majority.

To our elected officials – Get past the noise. Seek out the views and considered wisdom of the proverbial silent majority and vote for Ridgeland!

To the vast majority - Stand up, speak out and be heard, before it is too late. A great opportunity to do so will be at the Ridgeland High School Cafetorium public hearing on October 10, 2007.
Mark Fields

Anonymous said...

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