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Please post comments regarding the Sept 10, 2007, P& Z Board hearing of the variance request presented by the developer. Comments with names, addresses and phone numbers carry more weight!

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Cindy said...
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Terry said...

We came to the court services building last night and were met at the door by people who asked us if we would wear zoning stickers and they told us this was a meeting to oppose the tall building being built and we told them we were for the building and they told us we were in the wrong place.

We were between the police department and the library. But, we could not find a building that said court services on it. After we saw the news last night we know we were in the right place.

Why were those people allowed to do that to us? If they did that, because we were not the same color as them, we have a serious problem.

Were those people employed by the city? Who put them out there in front of that building? Why did they lie to us?


Anonymous said...

I too was met at the door and asked if I opposed the building. I replied that I was for the building and asked if there was a place to sign to that effect. My response was a resounding "NO!"

Mike Smith said...

I am sorry to hear about the problems that some of you had attending the meeting. While I strongly disagree with the people who oppose this project, I know many of these people to be honorable individuals. Unfortunately there are always a few on any side who believe that the ends justify the means. Your support for this project is very much needed and welcomed. Keep an eye on this website. There will other opportunities to make your voice heard, starting with contacting your alderman and the mayor's office to express your support. Thanks, and again I am sorry for the trouble you experienced.

Anonymous said...

The City of Ridgeland Planning and Zoning Board - Keeping Jackson Jobs and Businesses in Jackson -
Where we want them!

This ad is a public service announcement brought to you by citizens who enjoying paying higher taxes for schools and services.

Anonymous said...

previous commenter, I don't believe this is a valid point since the companies have announced they are looking for a new site, whether it is Ridgeland or somewhere else. None have mentioned staying in Jackson as an option. Maybe they read this blog and can address the issue here.

trey said...
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Anonymous said...

Make no mistake about it: Ridgeland is shooting itself in the foot with this. Yes, those businesses more than likely, if I had to guess, would stay in Jackson. Why would they want to go through the same public ordeal as they did when they originally decided to leave Jackson? You would think Ridgeland would welcome them with open arms. Instead, a bunch of lazy folks who do not want to spend more than ten minutes in traffic while taking their kids to Madison Ridgeland Academy are leading Gene Magee and the Alderman around like puppy dogs. Open for business indeed.

Anonymous said...

Of all the choices to where these premiere business had an option to move, the only one not in Jackson was this one.

Anonymous said...

I wish someone in Monday night's meeting would have asked these XONE people to behave and stop trying to push us to believe what that want us to believe. None of the people for this building are acting this way. I do not know of one single person that feels comfortable with this environment they are creating, and it needs to stop.

We are going to end up as enemies in our own neighborhood.

Allowing this building to be built as Mr. Bailey is proposing, is the right thing to do. It's right for everyone, but the city of Jackson. But Jackson needs to take care of its own self. We should not have to holster the growth of Ridgeland, because Jackson is having trouble.

Please do all you can to just get this building approved, and bring the business into our city, so everyone involved can get back to their lives.

Thank you.

Annie said...

As a citizen of Ridgeland, I felt like I was at a Jackson City Council meeting Monday night. It is a shame that they have someone like Berry who has a say about zoning and an attorney like Mr Smith. You would think with both of them being lawyers they would know how to conduct themselves in public hearings.
The only leg they had to stand one was over one small triangle of property that they stated was zoned incorrectly so that would hold up the building...WRONG
I hope Mr. Steen, Mr. Heard and Mr. Holder realize that those few poeple in those neighborhoods are not their only voters. Because trust me, if this building does not happen and these tenants do not get to come to Ridgeland, they can only blame themselves and it will reflect come election time.
Think of the money coming into to the project..Forget the TIF but think of the revenue the other local small busineses will reap. Th will be 600 plus employees going out at lunch and shopping on the way home.
When is there not traffic in Ridgeland???? I travel the Parkway every morning taking my daughter to HES and to work. The traffic that creates the problem know is not from Ridgeland but from everyone else who travels it from Madison instead of getting on I-55.
Of those in oppositon Monday night, how many do you think have children that attend Public Schools? I would say not maany at all. The question posed the other night by a gentlemen who wanted schools like Madison had was mis perceived by the opponents. I do not believe that he was questioning our school districts but the facade of our schools. With this revenue, we could change all of that and get those new schools built or at least improvements to the old ones.
My last comment is directed to the Board of Aldermen.....Those tenants do not want to go another location in Ridgeland. They want the Renaissance Site for what it has to offer and that can not be found anywhere else in the City. Think of the local businesses that will benefit from them being here and think of the entire City that will loose out without them coming.

Fred said...

This may sound a little harsh, but maybe the people living very close to the Interstate shouldn't have moved that close to it. It's not that unusual at all for an impressive building to be built right beside an Interstate, which is the case for the proposed building.

Anonymous said...

ITA with Annie

I will not vote for any of those people either. We need bigger thinkers than that in our city.

Aren't the local elections coming up next year?

Cindy said...

I am a resident of Montrachet in Ridgeland. My family also owns a business in Ridgeland. I will also be a tenant in the new Butler Snow building. I hope that you and the board of "alderpersons" will do what is best for ALL of Ridgeland, and not just a few wealthy neighborhoods. I was at the Zoning Board meeting last night. I saw all the residents there from Bridgewater, Dinsmor, Windrush, Canterbury, etc. I also saw all the money changing hands (the ZONE folks are funding up the ZONE). We in Montrachet would gladly trade our "upscale" Chuckie Cheese for a nice professional high rise office building! If I were these residents, I'd be much more concerned about the restaurants and shopping center than i would about a building with attorneys and cpa's in it! Please approve the variance so that the Butler Snow building can be built! it just makes good business sense! thank you.

Anonymous said...

I invite anyone opposed to this building to look at comparable cities where this sort of growth has happened. Birmingham, Nashville, and Dallas all have suburbs with high-rise buildings. And guess what? The property values there are outrageous. Now, look at the communities that do not have such: Stagnant growth with poor property values.

Also, one thing no one is really talking about. Look at Metrocenter and Northpark. What is going to keep this shopping center from devolving into what those places have become? Yes, upscale office developments. (Again, look at comparable cities). I am amazed at the level of ignorance surrounding the opposition.

I say Buster Bailey should put up an eight-story apartment complex where this building is supposed to be, put up a banner that reads: "$100 rent and no security deposit: Open for business." My point is the very argument the opponents are making actually undercuts itself. What sort of growth do you want? Growth in some fashion will come; you cannot stop it. Why not take the best the state has to offer?

Also, what do you think the potential tenants of the shopping center will do if this thing fails. Instead of Barnes & Noble and Freshmarket, get ready for Le Nails and Barnhills (for any Alderman or the Mayor who happen to read this, get ready for lawsuits as well).

Nils Mungan said...

Vast Majority of Ridgeland Residents Support Office Building

The Clarion-Ledger editorial concerning the proposed office building in Ridgeland (Development: Suburbs to Sprout Skyscrapers?”; September 13, 2007) does create several misleading impressions, although it is a balanced discussion of the issues for the most part. I have no personal or financial ties with the developers or tenants.

First of all, the headline about “sprouting skyscrapers” is overly dramatic. Mississippi is in last place among the states on many economic measures, and there is little chance that will change overnight. Rather, approval of this high rise project will just be the first step in a long and arduous journey to develop Mississippi and thereby improve the lives of all of its residents.

Secondly, the false assertion by some development opponents that occupants of the new building will be able to “literally look down into their [residents’] backyards, destroying their privacy…” is printed unchallenged. This is hyperbole of the highest degree. Most of the residential subdivisions are over a mile away from the building. There is a handful of free-standing houses that are somewhat closer, although still over 2000 feet away, but they have heavily wooded backyards. As an ophthalmologist, I can state that the new occupants of this building would have to possess remarkable visual acuity for privacy to be any real issue for the neighbors!

Third, opponents claim the proposed development violates the law. It is not a violation of law, as there is a clear and well-established procedure for applying for variances from zoning ordinances, which the developer has followed to the letter. And after all, zoning ordinances exist in the first place in order to protect the citizens’ interests. When ordinances hinder rather than help promote the citizens’ interests – i.e. when they fail at the task they were created for - the law does allow for exceptions (variances) to be made, as has been done in the past, both for commercial and residential properties.

Finally, no mention is made in the editorial, or by the development opponents, of the simple fact that the overwhelming majority of Ridgeland residents support the project. In two separate polls, over 80% of residents are in favor (see Madison County Journal at and the Renaissance building blogsite at I encourage all interested parties to visit the Renaissance website, and read the comments that a large number of independent concerned citizens have posted in favor of the project, with only a small number of dissenters. There can be little doubt that if this matter were put on the ballot in a referendum, this development would be approved by the vast majority of average citizens. I urge all of our elected officials in Ridgeland to respect the wishes of their constituents. Your decision is made much easier by the fact that this development is also what is best for Ridgeland, and indeed the entire state.

Nils Mungan, MD
210 Valley Rd (Dinsmor subdivision)
Ridgeland, MS
Work phone 601-984-5024
Home phone 601-607-7273

Terry said...

The question here is not whether the residents along Highland Colony Pkwy want another Professional Building or not, but the height involved. That section of land is NOT designated for a 17, 13 or even a 10 story monster. It is about doing the RIGHT THING. The zoning classification does not permit a building of that size to be built there, and That Is That It is very obvious Bailey LLC knew this when the idea of the building was conceived, but they promised it to the tenants anyway. They must believe it’s better to ASK FOR FORGIVENESS RATHER THAN PERMISSION. Furthermore Mr. Bailey also stated he has plans to build more as he feels necessary, and if, this is passed you can bank on it, and most likely taller. You can bet one thing for sure, he won’t cross over into Madison on the Parkway and build one .Mary Hawkins would not allow it. I keep reading and hearing that this project will be aesthetically and environmentally pleasing to the surrounding area, and if you look at the artists rendering, so it seems. What with the water in front of the building and all of the trees strategically planted. Sorry folks, they don’t exist. Just like the once beautiful stand of pecan and oak trees throughout that area. Am I a tree hugger, NO, but I would like to keep the landscape somewhat comfortable on the eyes and livable for what little wildlife still exists. The building in question does not fit into the surrounding design.
As for those individuals who think that the 600 or so people that will work in this building will live here in Ridgeland and pump revenue into our economy, think again. The majority lives in Jackson, and if by some chance decided to move up this way, would in all probability go to Madison instead. They would want to be assured there won’t be a chance of some developer building a high rise next door, and that evidently won’t happen in Ridgeland.
In closing, build the building, but keep it at no more than EIGHT stories and let’s all just get along.

Janet said...

Why did those Z O N E people tell us that meeting last Monday night was not for us? We want an answer.

Anonymous said...

No height is not the question. That is just one of the many knee-jerk, sky-is-falling comments that ZONE has spewed so far.

Let's see, so far the arguments against have been (1) height of building (even though it's been shown it won't affect the skyline in any neighborhood); (2) spying on houses (really?); (3) crime (yep, that's a winner!); (4) traffic (even though there will be a completely separate exit for the building); (5) the lights being too bright at night (again, really?); (6) ruining the "feel" of the community (not going there); and (7) not being Mediterranean enough (can you enforce a non-Mediterranean zoning ordinance).

No one is trying to get away with anything here. These are three of the top businesses in the state. This will do nothing but help property values skyrocket.

No one has said this, but I also wonder how many of these opposers are lawyers (or their spouses) with rival law firms, accountants (or their spouses) with rival accounting firms, or bankers (or their spouses) with rival banks. I really wonder. Why else the complete kneejerk, unfocused, vocal minority?

Anonymous said...

You said it.

Many of these opposers ARE lawyers (and/or their spouses) with rival (jealous) law firms, accountants (and/or their spouses) with rival (jealous) accounting firms, or bankers (and/or their spouses) with rival (jealous) banks.

And these non-BULTER SNOW lawyers DO NOT want to see the BUTLER SNOW name - especially on top of a building!

You hit the nail on the head.

And, you know, I - and almost everyone I speak with - are trying to figure out who paid these lawyers for the work they've done on this project.

Anonymous said...

Want to reduce traffic? Put your kids on the bus that runs by your house each day! You are part of the problem. Your SUV's clog up Old Canton, Pear Orchard, Highland Colony, Jackson Avenue, Old Agency, Steed, and Sunnybrook. You keep people from getting to work on time and keep buses from getting to school on time. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, school buses are 8 times safer than cars. We could raise money for schools by adding a "tax" for parents who take their kids to school.

Anonymous said...

I live in Old Agency Village on Red Eagle Circle and I support the construction of the 13 or 17-story Butler Snow building in Renaissance. Bring it on! I can already see the beautifully illuminated Cellular South building from my rocking chair. I can't wait for this new building. It will be a classy addition to our community. Ridgeland city council should vote "yes" to bring it on!

Anonymous said...

Here's a surprise! The lady who wrote a letter in today's Clarion Ledger is the wife of, you guessed it, a partner in another law firm: Daniel Coker. I'm sure she had some help with her letter. I hope the citizens of Ridgeland, the Mayor, and the Aldermen can see what is really going on here.