The height variance request for 200 Renaissance was APPROVED just before 1 a.m., Thursday, 11 Oct 2007

Alderman Gerald Steen, Alderman-at-Large, Mayor Pro Tempore --- Nay

Alderman Ken Heard, Ward 1 --- Nay

Alderman Chuck Gautier, Ward 2 --- Aye

Alderman Kevin Holder, Ward 3--- Nay

Alderman Larry Roberts, Ward 4 --- Aye

Alderman Scott Jones, Ward 5 --- Aye

Alderman Linda S. Davis, Ward 6 --- Aye


Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO!!!!!!!! YAYE! I couldn't be happier!


Let's see... how do I describe last night? TWO HOURS OF BLISS. Then, THREE HOURS OF THIS WORLD'S WORST NAUSIA. Then, one more HOUR OF BLISS!

Go Buster, GO!

Anonymous said...

This just proves that negative talk, veiled threats and degrading comments about a philanthropist and savy business man (Buster) will not sway the intelligence of our elected officials.

I agree with Kevin Crothers -- Go Buster, Go!!!