Letter: Reader backs 200 Renaissance

October 4, 2007

Reader backs 200 Renaissance

I'm writing to voice my support for the proposed 13-story building, 200 Renaissance.

I have owned and operated a Ridgeland-based company for 22 years. I have also been a resident of Dinsmor for 10 years. Developments like this are critical to our economic future.

The proposed tenants of this building are certainly top-notch firms, but their mere re-location from Jackson to Ridgeland doesn't represent any significant net economic growth. However, the entire Renaissance development, including the proposed building, will serve as an overall investment catalyst for economic expansion. More importantly, it's the first step towards attracting corporate headquarters to our area - not just remote branches and factories of organizations that are based in other states or other countries, although such facilities contribute to the draw of the area.

To my many friends that live in the surrounding neighborhoods that oppose this building, I am sensitive to and respect your position. I know you are sincere and have legitimate reasons for opposing this.

But I really think there are two other parties that need to be considered in this issue.

First, consider the developers of the residential areas where folks live that object. Why did they build these neighborhoods so close to the Interstate and more importantly, interchanges? When they built these subdivisions, I-55 was not the major thoroughfare that it is today, linking the explosive growth in south Madison County with downtown Jackson and other areas. Ridgeland was actually still the outskirts of the metro area.

Second, as homebuyers, what were we thinking? What did we expect? That this suburban area of the largest and capital city of our state would not expand and grow? It's right on a major interchange on the most traveled highway in our state for heaven's sake!

Additionally, there's just something about reasonable building height, and I think 13 or 17 stories is reasonable, that sends a powerful economic message to investors and other corporate and business suitors. It has a look of permanency, and stability - not speculation and lack of commitment. When you see an attractive structure like this in the distance, you know that good things are going on in the area. It gives people confidence that this is a good place to live and work.

I'm confident that Ridgeland's leaders understand this and will act accordingly, as they always have in the past. I thank them for their service to our community.

Gerard Gibert

CEO, Venture Technologies



SW said...

Ridgeland Office Building
By Shelby Watts
Jackson, MS

As a manager in a business that has been located in Ridgeland for over twenty-five years, I do appreciate The City of Ridgeland?s commitment to a pro-business climate. The city?s web site boasts that ?Ridgeland is Open for Business?. On October 10th, Ridgeland?s commitment to business will be put to the test. On that day the Mayor and Board of Aldermen will vote on whether or not to allow the construction of the thirteen floor Butler Snow / Horne CPA office building. A vote to approve the construction will send a clear message that Ridgeland is serious about being open for business. A negative vote will send the opposite message. It is my hope that the Mayor and Board of Aldermen vote yes for business on Wednesday.

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